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In making were used following skills:
  • php Laravel 5.4
  • Vue.js 2
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Sass, CSS
  • MySql
Blog contains public part and an administrator panel. Blog has unlimited number of categories. Administrator can add more categories.
Users can see posts by category or by author.
There can be as many roles as you need but in the demo there are 3 roles:
  • Subscriber
  • Author
  • Administrator
Blog has classic login and registration. Anyone can register. After the registration the user gets an automatic role – subscriber and sees the content that are fitting to his/her permissions.
Only the Administrator can change the role.
Subscriber can only read the posts.
Author can write new posts but to change and delete only his/her own. When an author writes a blog, it’s in the draft status and can only be published when the administrator approves it and transfers it into publish status.
Administrator sees everything and can change everything. In the blog there is integrated text editor which makes writing posts a very easy and pleasant job.